a view from Lin 06


Formosa’s very own Wayne Lee



and his fiancée, pianist Juliana Han



— a pair comparable to Michelle and Barack in capableness



and Elizabeth Barrett and Robert in artistic compatibility —



recently launched the first annual Piedmont Chamber Music Festival with stunning success.

In one unforgettable week, the team of 7 world-class artists



was treated to laughter-filled rehearsals,



elevated set-ups,



exquisite morsels,



and sold-out concerts which Formosa's beloved quartet "parents", Ginny and Bob Black, flew in from San Diego to attend. Three expertly crafted programs featured masterworks by a wealth of composers such as Felix Mendelssohn, Anthony Cheung, William Bolcom, John Adams, and Johannes Brahms. 

Key PCMF team members also included, among others, brilliant documentarian and technician Tina Tallon,



invaluable mastermind Gray Cathrall (ignore co-Artistic Director's facial expression in background), 



and host family to Meyer 09 and Lin 06, Susan Chamberlain and John Chalik. 



In Susan and John’s home, Lin 06 and Meyer 09 enjoyed beauty in the form of

their hosts' own homemade strawberry jam of local strawberries



and Dutch apple pancake of local apples,



popovers just out,



blueberries hand-delivered to Lin 06 while she was practicing in her room,



two gourmand-minced, gourmand-chopped, gourmand-mixed, gourmand-boiled, gourmand-sautéed, gourmand-stirred, gourmand-fried, and gourmand-seasoned dinners,



fresh flowers in both guest bedrooms,



a luxury sewing kit containing the exact color of thread for mending Lin 06’s pants,



and Susan and John’s warmth, humor, and intelligence. 


All in favor of such delights

say "aye" to attending PCMF 2017 — !