Rooster and Target

The Formosa Quartet played in Augusta, Georgia last Friday. In the days leading up to the concert, we enjoyed a luxurious stay at the home of Phyllis and Lee Smith. In addition to exquisitely cooked steaks and cedar-plank salmon, nightly desserts containing but not limited to organic pralines 'n cream and chocolate ice cream, a pool house, 3 bathrooms for the 4 -mosans, and two gorgeous cats Zim and Misty, our unforgettable week also included a shooting lesson on the Smiths' private shooting range.

We offer you a souvenir from our shooting lesson —



our target. You see the four bullet holes in it? Here they are again, numbered:



Bullet hole #1 — Deborah Pae

Bullet hole #2 — Che-Hung Chen

Bullet hole #3 — Wayne Lee

Bullet hole #4 — Deborah Pae

Note: The distance to the target was 25 yards. It was the first time for both Deborah and Wayne.


The following inferences can now be made:

  • Between viola mafias Che-Hung Chen and his brother Cheyen, for whom he was filling in, Che-Hung is the one you need to take down first if you are a non-violist and value your dignity.
  • To Deborah's cello studio at EMU — when Professor Pae tells you to pull your bow, just do it.
  • Yes, it's true. "Impeccable warrior" Jasmine was too scared by the deafening shots, and the even more deafening silences preceding them, to shoot. 
  • Now you know why Genghis Han is planning an alliance with Wayne Lee.


On this New Year-of-the-Rooster's Day, the Formosa Quartet wishes everyone a year of bullseyes and hits.