a Fruit on trend

Hello, folks. This is Jasmine, Formosa Quartet's supporter of pumpkins. Orange foods are very good for your eyes. And they're in season as we speak.


Do you like pumpkins?

Would you ever order stir-fried pumpkin with rice noodles at a Taiwanese eatery, or pumpkin soup at a Hungarian restaurant?  

Does cultural diversity resonate with you?

Are you interested in not only the food, but also the music of different cultures?

Do you believe that music, like food, should be kept fresh and new, while staying true to the oldest human conditions from which it arose?

Would you like to travel to Central Europe & East Asia though their signature pumpkin dishes or popular songs?

Are you curious about how indigenous Taiwanese tribes celebrate their rites? or what a Hungarian bagpipe dance sounds like?

Would you be particularly excited by pumpkin recipes if they were recently created, using authentic ingredients but with a new spin, by celebrated chefs of today? 


If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, please consider donating to our Kickstarter campaign for our upcoming CD. Called "From Hungary to Taiwan", the CD will feature musical equivalents of Taiwanese stir-fried pumpkin with rice noodles and Hungarian pumpkin soup. It will also be answerable to all points above.  

Pumpkins are handsome, adorable, confident, glorious orange on the outside, pastel peach on the inside, plump, happy, stylish.

So go on; click on "Kickstarter campaign". Fantastic Taiwanese and Hungarian pumpkin dishes can be yours. Or perhaps just the metaphysical essence of pumpkin, in a form of your choosing. 


     And thank you.