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Some of you have been asking, for the past 3 months, when we'd put up our next blog post. Truth is, we wanted our Asia Music Arts Management blog to stay on top as long as possible, to make us look fancy. That's partly the truth — the other part is that we've been too busy eating beef noodle soup.

Now that we're finally getting around to this new blog post, we're sorry to say it will be the newest post for only about a day. You see, tomorrow we're launching a big Kickstarter campaign which will become the new blog subject and overshadow this one — not because it's necessarily more interesting, but because it will showcase us as the ambassadorial, plenipotentiarial, emissarial ambassadors of cultural diversity that we incontrovertibly are. But enough of that.

Today's blog is a multiple choice question. The first person to answer it correctly will be the star feature of our blog, the post after next.

Which of the following distracted Wayne during a Mendelssohn Octet rehearsal earlier this year?

a) He received a text from Debbie asking him to play softer.

b) One player’s legs were spread open to a near-180° angle, giving Wayne a stellar view of the crotch area.

c) Jasmine reeked of the garlic she’d had for lunch. 

d) A bird landed on the windowsill and gobbled up a cricket he had started observing, and become attached to, at the start of rehearsal.

e) He was trying to think of all the words that rhyme with "wimp".

f) He discovered part of the Fibonacci sequence in one of the chord progressions in the 2nd movement.

g) It suddenly dawned on him that an email he'd gotten, ostensibly from Chamber Music America, was really a coded threat from an ex-girlfriend.

h) The thought of devouring a thick slice of pork apple pie at Hoosier Mama's Pie Company rendered him incapable of ricochet.

i) He came up with an idea for a homemade Valentine's Day present for his wife, made of balloons and Twizzlers.

j) He overheard Jasmine asking Cheyen to play two of her notes in exchange for a $3 beer.

k) A combination of c), e), and h).

l) He was thinking about an old pen-pal of his named Practical Vampire (pictured below). 

Good luck!

And read our previous blog posts... Sometimes, even though you have to scroll down down down for something, the result is upscale, uplifting, uproarious, and up-and-up.


Practical Vampire

Practical Vampire